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" JDR has it’s finger on the pulse of everything Depp; from his latest movies, to his appearances, to the books he reads, to locations where he is shooting his latest film “Public Enemies” all without being intrusive into the private life of Depp. In fact, the site began as a sort of “book club” talking about books that Depp likes or books from which his movies are based on. What makes this site unique is that they actually have interviews with many of the screenwriters and novelists." Click here: Chicago Actor Blogs » DEPP’S DEN

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"...and a wonderful little site called Johnny Depp Reads...have adopted the "Public Enemies" book for discussion and have interviewed me at length. (You haven’t lived til you’ve gotten a phone message from Karen at Johnny Depp Reads.)"

JohnnyDeppReads named one of the two " Best Johnny Depp Fan Sites" when Stormy Malone said this about Johnny Depp Reads:

"The message boards are some of the best celebrity boards around with a great deal of first hand reporting and inside track tidbits. Clearly the caretakers of this blog site honor Depp with civility and sophistication, although members have been known to squeal occasionally when a great photo comes along."

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